All-Conference Honors

2018 NECC        
Alex Safford   A   Rookie of the Year, First Team
Juliena D'Alessio   D   First Team
Meagan McSweeney   A   All-sportsmanship Team
2017 NECC        
Mel Orrell   M   First Team
Emily Lesure   A   First Team
Lauren Nesshoever   M   Second Team
Sydnee Julian   D   Third Team
Stephany Ferreira   M   All-sportsmanship Team
2016 NECC        
Mel Orrell   M   Player of the Year, First Team
Lauren Nesshoever   A   First Team
Emily Freling   D   Second Team, All-Sportsmanship Team
Thomas L. Otero   HC   Coach of the Year
2015 NECC        
Lauren Nesshoever    D      Honorable Mention
Team Sportsmanship Award