Pro Ball

Everyone who puts on a baseball uniform for the first time dreams of playing professional baseball. This past summer I got to experience one of the best feelings a coach can have. On June 6th the San Francisco Giants selected my brother, Matt Gage, in the 10th round of the MLB amateur draft.  

That day will forever be one of the most exciting days in my life and my family’s lives. One of the most special parts of my brother being drafted was the role that I was able to play throughout his baseball career. I was able to coach Matt for five different seasons including a season while he was in college during the summer.

As Matt continued to grow up and his body formed into a 6’4 240lb man, it was the work ethic and sacrifices Matt made that made draft day special. As I said it is everyone’s dream to play professional baseball, however only a certain few will ever get to do that. As a coach when a player says they are going to accomplish something, then spends every day and action making sure they accomplish their goal that is special.

Without making this entire “Coaches Corner” about my brother, my point to this was the tremendous feeling I as a coach gets when one of my players succeeds at something they want. One of the privileges of coaching at Division III, many of my players won’t play professional baseball. The ones that do will make it even more special. The ones that don’t, will succeed in other careers. When I talk to a former player who is enjoying their career it is just as great of a feeling as it was sitting next to my brother when his dream came true.


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