Please read the below statements and criteria before nominating anyone to make sure they fit the mold.


Statement of Purpose

The Southern Vermont College Athletic Hall of Fame was established by the College’s athletic department in 1993. The Hall of Fame provides a means by which to recognize the efforts and achievements of various athletes, coaches, teams, and contributors to Southern Vermont College athletics while reinforcing a sense of history and tradition at the College.


Selection Committee

A selection committee will meet annually to consider nominations for induction into the Hall of Fame. This committee should consist of individuals from the College community with knowledge of and interest in intercollegiate athletics, to include the College’s sports information director, an active coach, and former SVC/SJC Hall of Fame inductees. Consequently the selection committee will consist of a minimum of four individuals. An additional option to the selection committee is to include an outsider of Southern Vermont College, i.e. the local sports editor.

Current committee members include:
Chair - Michael Nosek '10
Michael Donogue '71 [Hall of Fame Class of 2000]
Dave Gage '10 [Hall of Fame Class of 2016]
Greg Gilmore '12
Scott McKenzie [Hall of Fame Class of 2013]
Erin Potter (McEnaney) '01 [Hall of Fame Class of 2017]


Selection Criteria

I.      Student-athletes to be considered on the basis of undergraduate athletic achievement must:

  1. be a graduate of Southern Vermont College/Saint Joseph College (1926-1974)
  2. have graduated five years ago (or be accepted into the Hall under separate, specific circumstances by the committee)
  3. have participated for a minimum of two years on at least one varsity team and,
  4. have represented Southern Vermont College in a positive fashion both as an undergraduate and as an alumnus.

II.      Coaches, administrators, and special supporters of Southern Vermont College are also eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame, if they:

  1. have a nomination submitted on their behalf detailing the specific nature of their contribution to Southern Vermont College athletics, and
  2. have conducted themselves in a fashion such as to bring credit to Southern Vermont College for a minimum for ten years.

III.      Respected Southern Vermont College alumni who bring favor to their alma mater by achieving success in areas relating to athletics as alumni are eligible for induction consideration five years after their graduation, providing that the selection committee receives appropriate nominations detailing the candidates' achievements as alumni.

IV.      Deceased contributors to Southern Vermont College athletics are also eligible to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

V.      An athletic team is eligible for induction as a unit. The induction of a team does not prohibit the separate induction of one or more of its members. If a team is inducted, the Hall of Fame committee will select a representative to accept the award.

VI.     There will be no minimum number placed on the number of inductions allowed per year; however, there shall be a maximum of five inductees for entry a Hall of Fame class per year.